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Documentaries are not always the most appropriate way of reaching your audience. This is why we created a video clip.

In the past decade, hundreds of thousands of men and women have been sent to wars that were not theirs and which those at home often did not understand. The Ancient Greeks already described symptoms of post-traumatic stress but in a period of peace missions and wars abroad they are still being seen everywhere. A lot has been written and numerous documentaries have been made on the subject, but how would you best be able to reach the veterans most directly in their surroundings? The question was answered for Arnold and Eefje by dEUS, the renowned Belgian band that brought out a called number Hidden Wounds which featured on their Following Sea album. Contrary to most of their poetic and personal numbers, this one sounded like a documentary in the form of a song. Arnold and Eefje talked to singer Tom Barman and manager Christian Pierre and managed to gather funds to make the interactive documentary video clip possible. They set off together with their former Prospektor colleague Tomas Kaan.

This powerful and innovative film is an immersive and interactive hybrid of music video and documentary that explores the emotional impact of war on veterans from around the world.
— Jury report CIMM Musicfest Chicago

Jos Remmen, NL

Jos Remmen, NL

Hidden Wounds by dEUS was inspired by an article by journalist Erwin James, writing for The Guardian about the bouts of uncontrolled violence among former soldiers – mainly war veterans – once they re-entered civilian life because they suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. Hidden Wounds is an evocation of post-traumatic stress. It is told in a very personal and honest way through the history of Jimmy Johnson, a British soldier.

In the video, Arnold and Eefje replace Jimmy Johnson’s poignant story with similar stories of post-traumatic stress told by veterans from countries such as the United States, England, the Netherlands and Belgium. Whether old or young, maimed or in fine physical health, they are all afflicted by the same hidden wounds. As they tell Jimmy Johnson’s story, more than twenty mouths mime dEUS’s Hidden Wounds.


Battling PTSD With Music

The video follows more than 7 minutes of dEUS’s number, but the journalistic tour of the veterans in four countries yielded more important stories and experiences. They are included in the online version of the music documentary. The faces of the veterans appear in the timeline of the music video. When you click on them, the video player takes you smoothly into one of their stories and then you are returned just as smoothly to the main video. The idea behind this is that the seven minutes of the video guide the way. You want to watch the video to the end and the detours along the way always take you back to the main theme. This way the project created a seven-minute story that can be extended to as much as half an hour or more according to the viewer’s wishes. If you also watch the long interviews elsewhere on the website, you can delve more deeply into the veterans’ stories.

Overzicht veteranen op de website.

Overzicht veteranen op de website.


Hidden Wounds was selected for various festivals, including the IDFA in Amsterdam. Hidden Wounds won the Best Short Documentary Award at the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival and the Corti Da Sogni Videoclip Award at the Ravenna Film Festival.

Zanger Tom Barman tijdens de opname van de video in Antwerpen.

Zanger Tom Barman tijdens de opname van de video in Antwerpen.



Directing, concept and story: Tomas Kaan en Arnold van Bruggen 
Camera: Daniel Bouquet 
Editing: Maurik de Ridder 
Sounddesign: Mark Glynne
Interaction design: Sara Kolster 
Webdoc: Thomas Lievestro 
Color: Joppo

Hidden Wounds is financed by V-fonds, Taxfonds & Haghe Film


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