Shadow Game

Crossing the borders in Europe – The Game – as minor migrants call it, has become extremely dangerous.

The Sochi Project

The whole world was watching a shiny sports event.

The Art of Travel

Rolf Weijburg understands the art of travel like no other. And the art of looking.

Dream City

In amusement parks, people escape daily reality for a while.

Homo Ludens

In Homo Ludens you will meet these dare devils, free spirits and hobbyists.

The Migrant

“Is this story real or am I being fooled?”

Propaganda by the People

This new story shouldn’t come from Brussels or one of the national governments.

Love Radio

A Message of love and reconciliation in times of hate speech?

(Text)contributions to photography projects

Text should be a substantive, useful addition to the photography.


“My parents always said we shouldn’t underestimate the power of the water.”

Hidden Wounds

Documentary is not always the best best way to reach your audience.

The Holy Road

Driving along Route 60, it is generally unclear whether you are.

State of Being

As a stateless person you are at home nowhere, you don’t exist for the law.


What is it like to be completely new somewhere?

Bring the Jews Home

Israel is the birthplace of storytelling, the place where The Story began.

ANGRY / Young and Radical

What is radicalization? Who is radical and who decides that?

The Refugee Jackpot

What is it like to begin anew?

Imperial Courts

How do people live in Imperial Courts?

The Asylum Machine

How does our asylum policy work? And how do we want it to work?

The Deal

A deal is a deal? Not on the highest level of European politics, so it seems.


What happens if you drink alcohol during your pregnancy?


Arnold and Eefje started their careers in written journalism.

One Night Secretly

What do you do when you are done living?

The Russian War

An unknown, bloody battle, that left deep traces.

Short films

Prospektor loves short films and we would love to make many more.

Humanity House

What is it like to flee? This question is central in the film portraits at Humanity House.

In secret everything is possible here

“Sharp and witty observations from and about Iran”, F. Springer