“Sharp and witty observations from and about Iran.” F. Springer in Vrij Nederland

Between 2002 and 2007 Eefje lived in and regularly visited Iran to do research for her thesis 'The Image of War' on the propaganda during the Iran-Iraq War. The resulting archive is now part of the International Institute of Social History. In 2007, Podium Publishers released her book ‘Stiekem kan hier alles’ (‘In secret everything is possible here’), a personal journalistic account of Eefje's findings in Iran. The book - with an extra chapter – has been republished late November 2017.

The book was nominated for the VPRO Bob den Uyl Prize 2008 and the M.J. Brusse Prize 2008.

Exciting journalistic report
— Jan Blokker,


Excellent non-fiction.
It stimulates curiosity.
— Hugo Borst in Algemeen Dagblad


In 2002, Eefje Blankevoort left for the then barely accessible Iran, for her research on propaganda art. Initially she met fulminating clergy and heard the familiar slogans against the West. But in the same country she was partying with Iranian youths and she was embarrassed when she saw porn on the cell phones of her new friends.

Meanwhile Iran - at least for the outside world - seems to have changed a lot. That is why it is time for a new release of Blankevoorts debut from 2007. Especially for this edition she traveled back to Iran and visited old acquaintances. Her journey resulted in the new part 'Bittersweet reunion'.

Eefje Blankevoort - Stiekem kan hier alles.jpg

Blankevoort travels with an open mind, makes friends easily and also has a sense of humor.
— From the Jury report of the M.J. Brusseprijs

The book received a lot of attention. Eefje was interviewed at Pauw&Witteman amongst others.



Text: Eefje Blankevoort
Publisher: Podium
Cover image: Anoek Steketee

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